Everything for your journey to Liguria and to the Flower-Riviera

General Information:

Liguria is one of the most beautiful shores in Europe and it lies approx. 1 hour’s drive away from Milan. Starting from Genoa towards France the „Flower-Riviera“ awaits you with sunshine, the sea, sandy beaches, mountains and your culinary specialties.

You can get Additional General Information for your holiday on the Flower-Riviera here: General Information Liguria

Liguria unites the contrasting features sea and mountains to a lovely landscape. Because of that, many opportunities for sports are created ranging from walking and mountain biking in the mountains to kite surfing in the sea, in addition to excursion possibilities.


The excellent water quality of this holiday region became a talking point recently. As a result 13 blue flags which stand for clean water as well as appropriate environmentally friendly infrastructure swayed on ligurian beaches alone in summer.

Friends of Italian cooking get their money’s worth in Liguria. Genoan Pesto, fresh pressed native olive oil, marinated olives, wine, refined antipastos, primi and secondi Piatti, fish and exotic dishes.

The Flower-Riviera offers ideal conditions for the perfect family holiday: Sandy beaches, events, playgrounds, horse riding with attendant, Aqua parks, go-cart trains.

The Flower-Riviera offers change of environment for young and old. Among others the Genoa aquarium and maritime museum, Hanbury gardens, Vele d’Epoca, golf courses, grottos of Toirano, museums, collections, churches, artist village Busanna Vecchia, weekly markets and flea markets, formula 1 in Monaco, film festivals in Cannes, Fireworks World Championships in San Remo, whale watching, Monte Carlo Rally, boat excursions, vintage in Piemont, San Remo music festival, casino in Monaco and San Remo, dancing events in the Ligurian villages, and mega-discotheques can be mentioned.
The weather in Liguria distinguishes itself all year round through a mild climate with low levels of rain. The Flower Riviera is the region with most hours of sunshine in Liguria.

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